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Projects and initiatives focus on the connections between climate and social justice - for life on Earth. 

Along with co-creator and co-host Adriana Medina, Tania discusses issues pertaining to marginalized and underserved communities with the goal of finding ways to collectively heal and inspire others to take justice-oriented action. Listen to season one here.

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Tania was part of The 50 Percent's magazine fall 2022 cohort. The fellowship included writing workshops, training sessions for storytelling, and webinars geared to help fellows publish articles on socio-economic and environmental issues and their solutions.

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They HEY Campaign is an initiative of the Ashley Lashley Foundation. As one of the North America Ambassadors, Tania developed workshops related to climate change and mental health. Workshops included mindfulness exercises, reflections, and tips for processing climate-related emotions such as frustration, anger, and anxiety.

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Speaking Engagements

From small groups of five people to audiences of more than 100 individuals, Tania has presented online and in-person for environmental nonprofits, youth-led initiatives, community-led projects, and more. Presentation topics range from policy, wildlife conservation, and environmental justice. 


Request Tania for a speaking engagement.

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Earth Photography

While spending time outdoors, such as by hiking or snorkeling, Tania takes pictures of wild animals, plants, fungi, and landscapes. Nature photography captures the details we may otherwise miss, demonstrating the beautiful complexity of the natural world. Tania uses it as a tool to inspire others to take action for our planet. 

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