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Interviews, podcasts, speaking engagements, and more to come. 

How to Protect People and the Planet with Tania Roa

In this inspiring conversation, Maesha (Co-founder of Green & Beyond Mag) chats with Tania Roa, an environmental justice and wildlife advocate based in California, from Colombia. Through her work, she highlights connections between animal, human, and planet health." Listen here.

- We Are All Needed podcast


Unveiling Links: Tania Roa on Climate, Social Justice, and Wildlife

"In a world where the delicate balance of nature teeters on the edge of collapse, Tania Roa, a passionate advocate for wildlife, environmental preservation, and social justice has emerged as a strong voice for change." Read more.

- Green and Beyond Mag

cover of tania roa's interview on links between climate, justice, and wildlife

Ego vs Eco: How Human, Animal, and Planet Health Interconnect

"Wildlife and social justice advocate Tania Roa gives a presentation on four topics to illustrate the need to move away from the Western mainstream 'Ego' mentality and to collectively move towards the holistic 'Eco' mindset." Watch here.

- Biodiversity for a Livable Climate

Rethinking our Place on Earth

"Tania will take you on a rethinking path of our place on Earth from Anthropocentrism to Ecocentrism, she will share with you her passion for nature, her origins, guide you to re-imagine the world you live in and share with you the actions you can take to act for Planet Earth and reconnect to nature, what you are part of." Listen here.

- Terra Stories

terra stories podcast cover art

How Animals Shape Ecosystems with Carl Safina, Fred Provenza & Tania Roa

A panel discussion among author and ecologist Carl Safina, professor and author Fred Provenza, and wildlife advocate and writer Tania Roa. An insightful conversation on the interconnections between wild and domestic animal welfare. Watch here (timestamp: 1:07:48).

- Biodiversity for a Livable Climate

Harmonizing Hope: Voices of Activists Amplifying the Role of Entertainment + Culture in Climate Action

"As COP28 kickstarted in Dubai, let us turn our attention to the Entertainment + Culture Pavilion, a game-changing initiative fostering collaboration, education, and inspiration for climate action. To dive deeper into this, let’s hear from seven activists, youth advocates, artists, and conservationists to explore the significance and interlinkage between grassroots climate activism and the realms of entertainment and culture."

- Green and Beyond Mag

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