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Published Articles

Articles, blogs, and essays explore solutions that address the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, and systemic inequalities.

In ‘The Intersectional Environmentalist,’ Leah Thomas gets right to the point: the mainstream environmental movement that gained momentum in the United States on the first Earth Day in 1970 is not inclusive or diverse. Read more.

- Viridis Magazine


As a climate activist, I often get asked what is the most profound action someone can take to address the climate crisis. I tell them there is no one solution, that there are in fact plenty of ways they can start taking action. Read more.

- The 50 Percent Magazine

graphic showing carbon tunnel vision

Despite many communities being environmentally conscious for decades, they have yet to receive the recognition they deserve in mainstream media. Read more.

- Sustain the Mag

giving credit due.jpg

Adventures in nature don’t always have to be pursued in other lands, sometimes they can be found closer to home.

- Where the Leaves Fall Mag

where the leaves fall mag_staying power.jpg

Behind the items in our wardrobes lies the destructive reality of environmental degradation and unethical labor practices, but as consumers we can choose to create a different reality. Read more (on page 4).

- The Climate Issue

magazine cover on slow fashion

Echidnas are native to Australia, a nation with plenty of semi-arid landscapes due to centuries of extractive and destructive agricultural practices. Thankfully, Australians have a soil superhero in their midst that can turn this legacy around. Read more.

- NM Healthy Soil Working Group


It’s hard not to get frustrated at a broken system built off the backs of the working class. One way we can combat it is to divest and stop buying from multinational companies that perpetuate structural and systemic wealth inequality.  Read more.

- The Peahen

Best Small Businesses in Los Angeles.png

Wars lead to casualties of all kinds, with living beings experiencing tragedy and hardship of all kinds. The violence will only continue unless the far-reaching damage of armed conflict is recognized, addressed, and alternative measures to settle disputes are prioritized. Read more.

- The 50 Percent Magazine

Syrian refugees planting.jpg

Right off Route 2 in Petersburg, you’ll find Soul Fire Farm, a place where the soil is nourished, people are nurtured, and the love of community is palpable. In the land of the Stockbridge-Munsee Band of the Mohican Nation, a revival is occurring through the tangible practice of growing food - food that feeds the stomach and the soul. Read more. 

- Viridis Magazine

Soul Fire Farm.png

Climate change is already here. Severe weather-related events such as frequent hurricanes and intense droughts are evidence of this statement. However, not all people experience the consequences of the climate crisis equally. Read more (on page 4).

- The Climate Issue


It all starts with one breath, a pause, where you allow yourself to simply exist. When you no longer try to prove your worth and you give yourself permission to just be. Read more.

- Green and Beyond Mag

sunset massachusetts.JPG

As a climate movement, we can use this time to reflect on what tactics succeeded last year, what we can improve on, and how to strengthen our collective efforts. If the struggle for climate justice is for a lifetime, then how can we ensure its longevity? Read more.

- The Climate Initiative


In northwestern Australia, a herd of wild donkeys carries a valuable promise. This remote region is the Kimberley, home to Kachana Station, a family-owned holistically managed landscape. Read more.

- Biodiversity for a Livable Climate


I wear my Colombian jersey and jewellery proudly; knowing who I am today is because of my parent’s willingness to venture into new worlds without any guarantee that they would fulfil their dreams. Read more.

- Migrant Women Press

henry and claudia roa with colombian jerseys

The misconception that the environmental movement was created by and for white communities neglects the majority of the people who make up Earth leaders, defenders, and protectors. Women of color have taken to the streets, community organizing, governmental proceedings, and more with the goal of advancing the preservation of the environment. Read more.

- Sustain the Mag

Celebrating Women Environmental Leaders.png

Although climate change is a global issue, it can and must be addressed locally. Local climates change when the environment is drastically altered. To restore local climates, we can start by restoring local natural cycles, and the first cycle we can look to is water. Read more.

- Biodiversity for a Livable Climate

Soil Health Principles.png

My climate activism journey began when I learned about the sixth mass extinction underway and its main cause: human activity. My love for animals, combined with this tragic news, motivated me to find my role in the environmental movement. Now, I connect the dots between human health and animal welfare. Read more.

- The 50 Percent Magazine

Ego vs Eco.png

As a part of nature, we are so deeply intertwined with natural cycles and the Earth’s balance that any disequilibrium impacts our inner well-being. Simply put, when we lack a connection to our environment, it creates a void that cannot be filled with anything else. Read more. 

- The 50 Percent Magazine

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