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Climate Solutions
Social Justice
Wildlife Advocacy

"Thank you for such a great speaker event! We received so much positive feedback from interns and staff alike. And thank you for your work and advocacy - it is so inspiring to hear about your engagement, hope for the future, and deep love for nature."

- Ella Donovan of TurnUp Activism
"Tania is a thoughtful young activist who brings great insight on the solutions to the intersecting crises of our time. She channels her many incredible communications skills as a wise speaker, excellent writer, and bright social media expert into advocating for justice for all living beings. Each of us who have the good fortune of working with Tania are better for it. She is on her game."
- Louise Mitchell, founder and lead host of the series Redesigning Our Communities for Life After Fossil Fuels at Biodiversity for a Livable Climate

"I want to congratulate Tania on her incredible work. It's been such a privilege to be on your team."

- Ilana Cohen, co-founder of Fossil Free Research

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